Are you ready to listen to the sounds of nature in Perdue, to breathe the fragrance of the Earth, to experience different tastes and to have a sincere touch to your life in a unique and wonderful boutique hotel where you would live your dreams with your loved one?
Perdue Hotel gives you a great escape from city life, where calm and silence would surround you with excitement and adventure.

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Honeymoon & Anniversary

Perdue Hotel invites you to become a director, actor and producer about most special moments of your life. Yes, this is what we do! We create a movie set and help you to build your own fairy tale world with your loved ones for unforgettable memories.
You would collect unforgettable memories of your moments while you are watching the sunset on the mattress, enjoying the natural jacuzzi hiding among the rocks.

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A Little Break

When was the last time you took a deep breath or woke up in your comfortable bed with the sounds of birds in nature? When was the last time you bathed in the sea or tear off your branch tomatoes? Have you seen the harmony of blue and green in the heart of comfort and in the heart of nature? Would you like to read a book in the forest or to feel the adventure in the most passionate way? Live your holiday with beautiful flavours and smiley faces.

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You want to leave everyone and everything behind for a while? You need peace and tranquillity in nature. Forget the newspapers you read every morning or the TV you watch every evening. Above all, here you are free of all kinds of races and the distance between the stars. Don't fall in love with being stylish, for example, your only goal is peace!

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Wedding & Events

Would you like to spend your most memorable moments in front of the endless blue of Mediterrenean? Weddings, anniversaries, bachelor parties, pool parties, birthdays or for your corporate groups everything that you will imagine will make into reality in Perdue.

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Otel & Yacht

Don’t limit your holiday in Perdue while you have a chance to experience Perdue Yacht. Perdue Yacht brings families, couples, friends together in an incredible Blue Voyage experience. You can anchor to unique bays of Aegean with Perdue Yacht. Our consultants will help you while you decide for your route. . From romantic country villages to far-off bays, historical areas to endless sea you will have liberty in this geography.

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