Boat Tour

As you visit the secluded bays of the area with your beloved, on our private boat named "piyade", you will have the most memorable moments... You may swim in the cyrstal clear water, exprience fishing, lying down on the boat, having picnic while watching the sunset in the sea, ending the day.


Are you looking for having an unforgettable experience in your life? Are you ready to let yourself go into professional hands and relax your body?

We want our guests to feel like a superstar. Get ready for this! Our experienced massage therapist would soothe your body and mind and help you surrender to the spirit of Perdue, while the sound of the sea and a lovely breeze be surrounding you.

Lycian Way Trekking

Did you know that Lykia Road has been named one of the of 10 best trekking roads in the world where is passing right across Perdue? This is the place where you would experience something unique in your lifetime. From the moment you start walking, you would be enjoying nature and history all together, accompanied by our experienced guiding.


Don't want to miss your yoga sessions on your vacation? Don’t worry at all!

Our very experienced instructor would guide you through on a platform which is built on top of the rocks right in the edge of the sea with a nice breeze. Gyrokinesis is a combination of Dance, Yoga, Gymnastics, Taichi, and swimming. With ease and flowing sets of movement which would bring out the full capacity of the spine, connect to the centre of the body, alignment of the joints, deeply strengthening and stretching the muscles. You would be using your body easily in your daily life with breathing techniques which would help you to get more oxygen to your whole body. You would be active and healthy during your vacation.


Experience of a Lifetime!

You know what they say! Flying is freedom! This is your chance to practise a great skydive in Ölüdeniz accompanied by experienced pilots while taking incredible pictures from the sky. Get ready to conquer your fear and have the most memorable experience ever, worth every penny and second!