Boat Tour

Pleasant moments are everyday treasures. We offer you these moments with our fishing boat Piyade for your daily trips. Piyade offers you a private time as there’s only you and your captain wandering around the untouched bays where you can swim, fish, spend time in the peaceful turquoise water and enjoy the exquisite beauty of the sunset. The mesmerizing beauty of the Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay, Blue Cave and Cennet Bay are waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is book your trip during your stay at the hotel and meet our captain with the first rays of sun and set your course.


Rest your soul, body and mind against the serene sea. Our masseuse, with her skillful hands and the curative olive oils of the Aegean region, will relax your muscles and take away your tension in our comfortable massage tent. Feel the stress leaving your body while you just relax and admire the beauty of the Mediterrenean Sea.

Lycian Way Trekking

Lycian Way is one of the most famous hiking trails not onlyt in Turkey but in the world. Where you can exercise and learn about the ancient history of the path, you even get to see the tombstones with Lycian writings. The location of the hotel makes hiking this long trail part by part possible. A tour guide is available upon request.


On the boardwalk placed above the sea, as you greet the flawless turquoise of the sea, salute the sun and the moon. Feel the gentle breeze against your skin, while exercising your body and reclaiming your soul. This full body experience will balance your chakras and awaken your free spirit.


Turkey’s most populer point for paragliding, Dead Sea (Ölüdeniz), offers a gorgeous view on your way down from Baba Mountain, not the mention the once in a life time exhilaration you’re gonna feel. This experience is a go to for the adrenaline junkies. We organize paragliding sessions upon your request with professional instructors.


Sometimes a bumpy ride on the wavy sea, sometimes a calming excursion through the turquoise waters where you get to see the hotel and surroundings from the sea. Enjoy it either with a loved one or by yourself.