Somewhere Between Sea and Sky…
Turkey's first real glamping EXPERIENCE fully compatible with nature...You can relax in our many different Suites all fitted with their own jacuzzi and enjoy a relaxing, isolated and fulfilling holiday.

Superior Suite

Superior Suite is a comfortable habitat where no one can see you…This suite gives the opportunity to swim in a little bay just EXCLUSIVE to you and you can spend your day without seeing anyone. Live the most special moments with the Mediterranean view and enjoy the jacuzzi in our Superior Suite rooms.

Our Infinity Suite rooms are neighbors with green pine trees and the eternal blue. Here you can dance in company with bird sounds as the smell of the earth jars every bone in your body. Watch the sunset in your jacuzzi and let the stars fill your glass.

In our Garden Suite rooms your soul will be filled with the scent of Mediterranean orchards. As your jacuzzi is waiting for you in the shade of olive and orange trees, the voice of nature whispers you.

Are you ready for romantic sunsets in our carefully designed Honeymoon Panorama Suite for an unforgettable honeymoon experience that is the dream of every couple?

Sign your dreams with a unique experience in the blue coolness of the Mediterranean and the magical timbre of Faralya, accompanied by the nature of luxury…