Our Story

Everything is just as it should be …

During your stay at our facility, you can be sure that our trained and competent employees make every effort to achieve the vision entrusted to us by our founders. You can understand how attentive we are from the taste of the food to the cleanliness and spaciousness of your room. Enjoy the natural beauties of our facility.

In the south of Fethiye, in the Faralya village

In this amazing region where Taurus meets the Mediterranean, we welcome our guests without compromising on the refined comfort. We set out with the aim of presenting the best experience with unique flavours and by preserving the fine line between relaxation and fun.

A hotel with 11 rooms offering boutique service and awarded the title of "the best boutique hotel"

Perdue Bahçe Manzaralı Otel Odası​

The voice nature sings as freely as possible and echoes to the soul of the listener.

We take justified proud of assuming the title of “the best boutique hotel ” that offers boutique service with 11 rooms and being a team that protects the values since day one.

Every guest is a part of our family

By prioritising the satisfaction of every guest we host, we have developed our hotel and service understanding day by day, and we have become a family with our guests. 

Away from home but at home

We aspire to be an escape point where our guests are sure to live the romance and relaxation that is always in their minds.

Different from the classic boutique hotel idea.

Perdue is a movie set presented to you to reconstruct and create these moments, a fairy tale world that invites you to be a director, actor, producer ...