Perdue Honeymoon Hotel & Romantic Holiday

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A hidden place..

Where nature sings in absolute freedom, echoing the listeners inner voice. Carrying the beautiful smell of the Mountains in its breeze. A blend of Shiraz and Yakut pouring into the Mediterranean delights at late evening tables.

A visual festival where green and blue, mountains and waves dance. Sweat serendipity of water and soil, meeting at the heart of ancient Lydia in Faralya. A place for two, to live a dream.

That is why Perdue is a bit different from a classical boutique hotel idea. It is not only a hotel, but a sound, smell, a taste and a smooth cuddling It is an escape for two, where adventure and excitement sleep next to calmness and silence.

When was the last time you layed your feet on the ground? Or woke up in the middle of the nature. When was the last time you washed your face in the sea. Or gathered your own tomato for breakfast. Have you ever enjoyed nature in comfort?

Perdue is a film studio for you to recreate those movements, calls you to be the producer, director and actor of a wonderland.

You will experience a totally new concept that has never been tried in Turkey before. Each tent/room built on a wooden platform, is design with it's unique view, has:

Bedroom · Bathroom · Veranda · Jacuzzi · Air Conditioning and Mini Bar.

Our staff, always with you whenever you want, do the best for you to give you the comfort. You feel yourself at home with the room service, room cleaning services, in the tent pitching in the nature you have the comfort of your home.

8 Infinity Suites
Absorb the vast expance of the Mediterranean view from every corner of your room, watching the sunset from your veranda, counting the stars in your Jacuzzi, and sleeping with the wonderous sounds of nature.

2 Garden Suite
Pick your vegetables, tomatoes, peppers from the garden next to your room and enjoy at your breakfast - and have the pleasure of the soil and the sea.

1 Superior Suite
Far away from everyone, right at the edge of the Mediterranean, you will own an incomparable atmosphere on top of the rocks. Feel the breeze as you rest in your hammock, soak in the Jacuzzi. Walk down the stairs to your private "köşk", which is nestled between two huge boulders, opening into the sea as if its your own natural private pool.

Spreading Breakfast
You will welcome the day with local culinary delights and fresh and organic fruits freshly squeezed for you. Completely built with natural flavor of our breakfast table will be equipped according to your taste. Bread's, "gözleme's" and "bazlama" cooked directly on the fire and complimented with butter, cheese, olives, honey and various locally prepared and delicious jams. Enjoy our olive oils from the village to accompany your freshly picked tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

After your morning activities, you will relax into a delicious appetizer made by our Master chef. Homemade pastas, pizzas, and fresh vegetables picked from our garden for tasty salads - will help you stay happy until dinner.

Get ready for unforgettable times. In the morning, when the fisherman empties the net in our dock, all you need to do is choose what he caught and handed to our chef for a personalized dinner. The seafood that comes from our region, offer a variety of unique tastes. Make a selection from our wine cellar, as you enjoy your dinner at our A'la carte restaurant or any romantic place you would desire. Enjoy the sounds of music, whether live guitar or the timbre of a violin - all accompanied by the sound of the waves.

While the sound of the sea and a lovely breeze will surrounding you, our experienced massage therapist will sooth your body and mind, help you surrender to the spirit of Perdue.

Our very experienced instructor will guide you through on a platform which is built on top of the rocks right in the edge of the sea with a nice breeze. Gyrokinesis is a combination of Dance, Yoga, Gymnastics, Tai chi and swimming. With an ease and flowing sets of movement which will bring out the full capacity of the spine, connect to the center of the body, alignment of the joints, deeply strengthening and stretching the muscles. You will be using the body with an ease in your daily life breathing techniques will help you to get more oxygen to your whole body. You will be active and healthy during your vacation.

You can experience a great skydive in Ölüdeniz accompanied by experienced pilots while taking incredible pictures from the sky.

Boat Tours
You can go out on a daily sea excursions and explore all small bays around Oludeniz and swim in undiscovered heavens of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lycian Way Trekking
Lykia Road, which is in the top ten list of best trekking roads in the world, is passing right across Perdue. Walk in this historical path with our experts while enjoying nature and history simultaneously.

Why not add an underwater picture to your personal album? If you have dived before and are certificated, you can dive right at the sea of Perdue with professional divers. If you are new to divİng but you want to give it a try, you can join the beginners class of the diving school and experience your first dive in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Jeep Safari
With your own Safari Jeep, explore our neighbor mountains and the local village delicacies.

Perdue, on the hillside of Baba mountain, on the way combining Faralya village and Mediterranean, is at end of the woody road, 1 km far from the main road. From Dalaman air port, by using 70 kms asphalt road, you can arrive easily with your own car by viewing a joyful landscape, by leaving behind Göcek first, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz and Kelebekler Valley.

When you arrive at our village, you may park your car to our parking garage, and with our 4x4 car you may do 1km road to sea side. Or; From Dalaman air port for €70,from Fethiye for €40, from Ölüdeniz via sea road for €50, we can get your transfer.

· 70kms south of Dalaman airport
· 26kms south of Fethiye
· 12kms south of Ölüdeniz
· 3kms south of Butterfly Valley
· 2kms north of Kabak Bay.

Uzunyurt Village Kızılcakaya Area Faralya, Ölüdeniz, Fethiye
+90 530 380 73 60 ·

Please contact for the prices.
Our hotel is not suitable for children under the age of 18, we are sorry.
If it is demanded, air port transfers may be organised via sea or land route.