Romantic Holiday

Perdue Romantik Tatil

Romantic Boutique Hotel

We are ready to make the romantic holiday of your dreams real. If you are ready for the best romantic holiday experience, you are in the right place. We have already started collecting stars from the sky for you …

Seafront Boutique Hotel

Perdue Denize Sıfır

A calm and peaceful living space by the sea …We are at your service with our entire team for you to leave this paradise corner of Faralya with unforgettable memories. 

This place is just for you…

Perdue-Burada Sadece Siz Varsınız

We have reserved this romantic corner of nature only for you. The only sound you will hear in the silence of nature, belongs to the waves and joyful birds. 

Romantizmin Doruğu

The Peak of Romanticism …

The most romantic hotel you can go to with your lover…We invite all our guests, who are newly-couple or lifelong lovers, to this experience.

Determine the Limits of Your Freedom ...

Just experience true freedom…
We are at your service for the rest.