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In our seaside restaurant, the flavors that leave a mark on your palate ...
Enjoy the flavors that leave a mark on your palate in our seaside restaurant. You are in one of Faralya's best restaurants with our daily changing special breakfast and dinner menus at your table with the most special presentations created by our expert chefs…

From the Mediterranean to the Kitchen, from the Garden to the Plate

Every product you see on your plate is carefully delivered to your plate from organic markets. Our local fishermen empty their nets on our pier. We also have a vegan menu option. 

Masa Numarası Yıldızların Altı

Table Number: Under the Stars

Local flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine, a customer-oriented service concept ... Our special tables for only two, under the stars, just beside the sea…

Experience the Nature

You can experience nature in its simplest form by collecting Fresh vegetables in our gardens and the eggs of our chickens.



Superior Suite

Your private sea only for you ...

Infinity Suite

Your endless Mediterranean view ...

Perdue Garden Suite

Garden Suite

Your garden in greenery ...