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Art Studio

The Dance of Nature with Art…
It is now in your hands to create memories that come to life with your touches ...We bring up nature with art with our art workshops accompanied by our instructors.

Rock Painting

We make colorful designs and creative patterns on the rocks we collect from nature.

Taş Boyama
Perdue Sanat Atölyesi

Wood Painting

You can design a small tray, a tiny box or a colorful frame for yourself and keep your memories inside…


Colors and nature...Serenity and Peace...We have everything to inspire you in our art studio. Now take the brush and start painting.

Perdue Boyama
Kuru Çiçek Tasarımı

Dried Flowers Arrangement

A nice remembrance from Perdue... You can design an exclusive arrangement that will decorate your table.


Superior Suite

Your private sea only for you ...

Infinity Suite

Your endless Mediterranean view ...

Perdue Garden Suite

Garden Suite

Your garden in greenery ...