Lycia’s best kept secret, Perdue

A wonderland where you’ll rediscover the meaning of love. Love for nature, love for life, love for your significant other and most importantly love for yourself.
Find your inner peace and let go of the stress thats been weighing you down.
In this land ruled by the sun, the sea and the stars; free your spirit and let your imagination run wild.
Remember where it all started, get in touch with mother earth, take in the beauty of nature.
More than a hotel, Perdue is an unforgettable experience; perhaps a fabulous honeymoon, a perfect getaway or a soulful vacation.


Perdue Boutique Hotel provides an exclusive hide away for each and every guest thanks to its exquisitely designed range of sensational and cozy Glampings also known as “Safari Style Tents”. Each room and suite is truly a romantic space with a view of the Mediterrenean or the calming green gardens and offers the ultimate privacy and intimacy.
As a small luxury hotel, each one of our eleven suites offers something special and unique, along with the beautiful sea and/or garden views. Irresistibly inviting, you’ll find it hard to leave and, with the option of room served dining, you won’t have to.
Tastefully designed, furnished and equipped, Perdue rooms are the perfect addition to this beautiful region without disturbing the harmony of the habitat. A peaceful place in which to relax, refresh and play depending on your expectations from this getaway.

* Perdue is an adult only hotel. With this concept, we do not accept kids and teens under the age of 18...

Restaurant & Bar

With our never-ending Turkish breakfast, consisting of freshly baked breads, pides from our stone oven and many more local flavors prepared right at your table you’ll start your day as fresh as a daisy.

Located by the sea, this solely candlelit bar area is a perfect scenery for romance.

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