Do you believe that a hidden paradise could be on earth? And do you know this hidden paradise is in Fethiye, Muğla; the most beautiful place in Turkey where ancient culture, nature, and peace meet with its beautiful weather and unique richness.

Are you ready to experience something different? Would you like to know what to expect?

Perdue Hotel in Faralya, Fethiye is the place where nature sings in absolute freedom, echoing the listeners' inner voice and carrying the beautiful smell of the Mountains in its breeze. This is the place to enjoy a blend of Shiraz and Yakut pouring into the Mediterranean delights at late evening tables.

You would enjoy every moment in Faralya, Fethiye where it gives you a visual festival where green and blue, mountains dance together. Sweat serendipity of water and soil, meeting at the heart of ancient Lydia in Faralya. A place for two... To live a dream with unforgettable memories.

That is why Perdue is a bit different from a classical boutique hotel idea. It is not only a hotel, but a sound, a smell, a taste and a smooth cuddling It is an escape for two, where adventure and excitement sleep next to calmness and silence.

When was the last time you layed your feet on the ground? Or woke up in the middle of nature. When was the last time you washed your face in the sea? Or gathered your own tomato for breakfast. Have you ever enjoyed nature in comfort? Are you ready to experience them all?

Perdue is a film studio for you to recreate those movements, calls you to be the producer, director, and actor of a wonderland.


Did you know how lucky you are as we are about to offer you something new that no one has ever experienced before in Turkey?

Each tent/room built on a wooden platform which is design with its a unique view and has: Bedroom, Bathroom, Veranda, Jacuzzi, Air Conditioning and Mini Bar.

Don't worry about anything at all! Our staff, who are always ready to assist you and give you the best service, would offer you the comfort you are looking for. You would feel at home with room service, room cleaning services and you would enjoy the comfort of your home in nature on a tent.

Good Taste

What would you like to eat?

Spreading Breakfast

You would start your day with local culinary delights and fresh and organic fruits just got squeezed for you. Our breakfast table, all about the natural flavour, would be equipped as your wishes.
Are you ready to taste the famous delicacies of Turkish cuisine? Bread's, "gözleme's" and "bazlama" cooked directly on the fire and complimented with butter, cheese, olives, honey and various locally prepared and delicious jams. Enjoy our olive oils from the village to accompany your freshly picked tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.


Following your morning activities, we have no doubt that you would relax into a delicious appetizer made by our Master chef. Homemade pasta, pizzas, and fresh vegetables picked from our garden for tasty salads - would help you stay happy until dinner.


Get ready for unforgettable times. When the fisherman empties his net in our dock in the morning, all you need to do is choose what he caught and handed to our chef for a personalized dinner. The seafood coming from our region, offers a variety of unique tastes. Make a selection from our wine cellar and just enjoy your dinner at our A'la carte restaurant or any romantic place you would desire.

Enjoy the sounds of music, whether live guitar or the timbre of a violin - all accompanied by the sound of the waves.


A’la carte restaurant to taste the unforgettable Mediterranean cuisine in the face of an endless sea view.


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